Discord has recently announced that they will be rebranding with a new “Your Place to Talk” campaign as they work towards making the platform more inclusive to non-gaming fans. Discord has overhauled their landing page to emphasize the platforms various uses such as for “school clubs, gaming groups, or the worldwide art community”, the landing page now also prominently features the “Your Place to Talk” slogan throughout.

Specific changes to the Discord platform include the streamlining of user sign up, the introduction of server video support, server creation simplification with templates, and a 200% increase in overall voice/video capacity. Discord is also planning to make the “jokes and references within the app less gaming-specific” which may upset some. The recently launched Discord Safety Center forms a vital part of this transformation helping improve transparency and reduce misuse.

“Today, many of you use Discord for day-to-day communication. You’re sharing thoughts about books, music, and art, creating servers to just be yourself and share moments with friends. In asking you what you want Discord to be, we heard that you want Discord to be more welcoming, more inclusive, and more trustworthy so more kinds of communities can find a home here. Many of you told us that the biggest misconception you hear about Discord is that it’s only for gaming, but you feel Discord’s for literally everyone and for anyone who likes to talk.”

Your Place to Talk Video

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