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So for the past couple of years I have been developing my own Alexa skill to use internally at my apartment with all my devices. The video has been around for a while now, and the skill (and really the underlying server code) can do a lot more than it could when I took this video. At some point I will take an updated video, it is a bit time consuming to go through all the features.

Anyway, I wanted to share not really the video, but a new site I have been working on (and accompanying GitHub page with code) for anyone interested in creating this yourself. I know it is a pretty common ask (controlling your PC), and I have seen some other options out there, but nothing that really walks you through setup and configuring your own skill.

For those out there who like to understand how something works and build their own solutions, this will likely appeal to you over something you can download or add as a skill from the store. I have kind of branched away from the Alexa side of things, and instead have been focusing on developing an app for my Smart Watch. It will do many of the things the Alexa skill can, and once that is complete I will likely look to do some type of write up on that as well.

Don’t beat me up on the website too much please it was one of my first goes at creating one. I don’t really do much on the front end of things.

PC Control From Tizen Watch

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