Move over Disney Plus – HBO Max is the latest big streaming service on the block. Releasing on 27 May 2020 in the US, it’s set to have 10,000 hours worth of shows and films, including popular series like Friends and The OC, HBO hard-hitters like Game of Thrones and Westworld and blockbusters such as A Star Is Born.

The standard price for a HBO Max subscription is $14.99 per month, but if you’re looking to save your money then there are a few ways to watch HBO Max for free. We’ve rounded up everything we know so far to get this service without having to pay a penny. We also have a similar roundup for watching Disney Plus for free.

Get HBO Max through AT&T or you cable provider

Get your TV and broadband via AT&T? Good news, you may be able to get HBO Max for absolutely nothing! AT&T is offering the subscription with certain select bundles – check if yours is included using the chart below:

If it’s not included, you may still be eligible for a limited free trial, though the length of this will depend on the type of plan you’re on. You can check this on the AT&T website.

In addition, some other third-party HBO subscribers are eligible. Customers who subscribe to HBO through either Charter’s Spectrum or Apple will get HBO Max for free. We don’t know about any other third-party companies who are offering this deal yet, but we’ll update this article once we know more.

Switch from HBO Now to HBO Max for free

If you pay for the current on-demand HBO streaming platform – HBO Now – then there’s some good news. HBO will upgrade you to HBO Max for free.

Of course, there are some caveats to keep in mind. This only applies to those who subscribed through and are billed directly by HBO. If you subscribe to HBO Now through the likes of Amazon Prime Video or Roku, then you won’t necessarily be upgraded. However, these channels could reach an agreement in the future, so this may change.

If you’re unsure about switching from HBO Now to HBO Max, then you can take a look at our comparison of the HBO streaming services. But in short, they both cost $14.99 per month and HBO Max offers the same and more content than HBO Now, so it’s worth the switch.

If you’re from outside of the US, you can also watch either HBO Now or HBO Max through the help of a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Find out more in our guide on how to watch HBO in the UK.

Get HBO Max for free without any prior subscription

Unfortunately, if you’re not already subscribed to HBO through an eligible cable service or have HBO Now, then at this point you won’t be eligible to get HBO Max for free. If this changes, we’ll update this article with more information.

However, you can take advantage of the pre-sale discount that HBO is offering before the launch. If you sign up before the 27 May, you can get HBO Max for $11.99 per month for one year, saving you a total of $3 per month off of the full priced subscription.

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