More than 50,000 vehicles were caught in traffic enforcement cameras for violating the speed limit during lockdown. All the vehicles will have to pay a penalty of Rs 1,500. Most of the cases were recorded in Kochi region. The data now released is from the north zone of the State Transport Department.

The details of speeding violations in the south zone which includes Thiruvananathapuram will be released soon. The data available is from March 24 to May 10. During this period, 53,895 vehicles were caught in the cameras in Kochi-Kasaragod region. In Kochi region alone, 45,263 vehicles were caught.

10,323 vehicles were caught in camera for overspeeding between March 24 and March 31 alone. In the month of April, 31,041 vehicles violated the speeding protocols. Out of this, 27,678 vehicles were from Kochi.

In May (till May 10), 12,531 vehicles were caught violating the rules, out of which 9,542 vehicles belonged to Kochi. Vehicles were found to have violated speeding limits near the border areas of the state as well. 256 vehicles have been caught in Attappallam region in Palakkad on a single day, said Rajeev Puthalath, Joint Commissioner of Transport Department.

The speed limit set in these traffic enforcement cameras are as per the central government’s regulations. According to this, the maximum speed allowed for a car in Express way is 120 kmph. In National Highways, it is 100 kmph and it is 70 Kmph in other roads.

For buses, the maximum speed allowed in National Highways is 90 Kmph and in other roads it is 60 Kmph. For two wheelers, the maximum speed allowed in National Highways is 80 Kmph and in other roads it is 60 Kmph.

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