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Pull out of parking spots more safely.
Pull out of parking spots more safely.

Image: mygekogear

TL;DR: Make parking a breeze with the myGEKOgear SOLARST Solar-Powered True Wireless Backup Camera, on sale for 13% off. As of March 30, get it for only $129.99.

Whether you drive your mom’s hand-me-down station wagon from the ’90s or you just so happened to purchase a brand-new car in 2016, right before backup cameras became standard in all vehicles, there’s still a way to add the useful technology to your ride. The myGEKOgear SOLARST Solar-Powered Backup Camera is quick and simple to install and gives you a better view while you’re backing out.

This solar-powered backup camera easily screws onto your license plate — no wiring or drilling necessary — and adjusts up and down, allowing you to find your perfect view. It pairs with the included 4.3-inch colored LCD monitor, which you can place on your dash to stream an accurate view of your rear while you back out or back up.

The 2,100mAh battery in this camera gets its power from the sun. It’ll last for up to seven hours of continuous use, so you can take advantage of its perks on long road trips or a day packed with errands. The camera is also wireless and waterproof, so it can stand up to harsh conditions and help you see in inclement weather.

Slash a few bucks off for a limited time and grab the SOLARST backup camera for just $129.99 (regularly $149).

This cool solar-powered backup camera is on sale

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